GDPR and secrecy

GDPR and secrecy

Bibliotek Skåne Southeast

The libraries in Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Skurup, Tomelilla och Ystad share the library catalogue and you can use your library card at the libraries in all five municipalities.

Information on the library´s processing of personal data according under GDPR and secrecy

To be able to fulfil our agreement with you as a borrower and user of our services, the libraries must save and process your personal data. The data we save is name, address, e-mail, telephone number, personal code number and an internal identification number.

We received data from you when you registered as a member of the library. Guardians have submitted information about children under the age of 18. You must submit your personal data so that we can enter into an agreement with you. The updating of certain personal data comes from the population register SPAR.* We apply current Internet legislation with all processing of personal data. Your data will be saved in our library system for three years after the latest use of the card.

The personal data we save about you are shared between the libraries in Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Skurup, Tomelilla, Ystad and the personal data processors we use to perform our services and fulfil our obligations towards you. We might also share your personal data with a third party, if we are obliged to do so according to the law. We will however never transfer your data to another country outside the EU.

Personal data controllers are the municipality of Simrishamn, organisation number 212000-0969, tel. 0414-81 93 00, the municipality of Sjöbo, organisation number 212000-1090, tel. 0416-27160, the municipality of Skurup, organisation number 212000-1082, tel. 0411-53 60 71, the municipality of Tomelilla, organisation number 212000-0886, tel. 0417-181 90, and the municipality of Ystad, organisation number 212000-1181, tel. 0411-57 72 90.

You have a right to contact us if you want information on the data we have of you, to request a correction or a transfer, to request that we restrict the processing, to make objections or to request a deletion of your personal data. The simplest way to do this is to contact us using one of the telephone numbers above and you will receive more information.

The data protection officer for Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Tomelilla and Ystad is Annika Linderoth, and Patrik Siltanen, for Skurup.

If you have complaints on our treatment of your personal data, you have a right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority Datainspektionen.

Information about an individual´s loans, reservations or other forms of requests, and on a person´s use of information technology confidentiality applies (Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act 2009:400) chapter 40, 3 §).

*Some of the information on students in the municipality of Ystad is collected from the student register Extens.

Some of the information on students in the municipality of Simrishamn is collected from the student register SchoolSoft.