Access to the collection

Access to the collection

The Andrén collection is housed in a special room at the Town Library of Ystad, Sweden.

According to the donor's will the books are kept in locked bookcases, manufactured by a local craftsman.

The books are catalogued and classified according to the SAB-system, a Swedish equivalent to e.g. the Dewey Decimal Classification system. In the bookcases the books are arranged in five main groups: one group each for T. E. Lawrence, Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley and Vaslav Nijinsky, and a group for the remaining literature. The books can only be consulted on the premises and may under no circumstances leave the library. It is possible to take photocopies of the books, except some rare books. Copyright must be respected.

The books are subject indexed with terms in English, in order to facilitate subject searches. The terms are taken from the Art and Architect thesaurus. There are lists of used terms and used terms -personal names.